Aug 102012
  • OpenWRT is a Linux-based firmware that is an alternative to the manufacturer’s firmware.
  • OpenWRT is free (it is actively developed as Open Source software) and yet it has most of the sophisticated features that one would expect in a high-end router.
  • OpenWRT comes pre-installed on the AP-WRT by Data Alliance, which is based on the HornetUB64 board by Alfa Network .
  • Open-WRT is an evolution from DD-WRT, which runs on the Linksys WRT54G:  This LinkSys model was manufactured from about 2002 and this model was discontinued by Cisco LinkSys around 2006.
Benefits (if supported by the router hardware)

Open-WRT has almost every feature one could ask for or will ever need – features often only found on “enterprise” routers like Cisco and MikroTik – but with a GUI.  Open-WRT is arguably the best operating system for a SOHO AP/router (small office / home office)

  •  Use all the hardware’s capabilities:  Full  control of your router hardware – not just what the manufacturer allows.
  • Create multiple wireless networks, multiple SSIDs. For example:  Create a guest access WLAN.
  • Create multiple physical networks, using VLAN techniques: You can create a separate network for the neighbor, your kids computers or those game consoles that need all ports forwarded and you just cannot trust.
  • Use standard IP tables for firewall and packet (QoS) marking / tagging rules.
  • Apply QoS using advanced packet shaping and policing techniques
  • Install additional software on your broadband router to make it a web server, bit-torrent client or audio streamer for example, or all of that and more.
  • Probably more secure than standard firmware.
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