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The speed/throughput of an Ethernet Cable connection is better by a multiple of as much as 4X, if the RG45 connections have 50 Micron Gold Plating, as compared to standard metal contacts.

Gold is a much better conductor than any other common metal, and so the amount of signal loss is far less using gold, compared to cheaper metals.

Cheap keystone jacks and mass-produced cables and  often have no Gold Plating in the contacts. The efficiency of these network cables is as low as 20% of a similar cable with 50-micron gold plating (and otherwise constructed of the same materials).

All of Data Alliance’s ethernet cables pass the Fluke test, and are produced with the finest materials, including RJ45 Plugs with minimum of 50 Microns of Gold Plating.  Data Alliance provides CAT5e and CAT6 and CAT6a patch and crossover cables for all networking aplications in 9 colors.

Why 50-Micron Gold Plating is Important

  • Connectors maintain the signal connection between the cable and the RJ45 jack or port.
  • As time passes, the connectors are exposed to corrosive conditions such as moisture and humidity: This results in a loss of signal quality.
  • More corrosion = lower quality

Gold is:

  • Highly durable
  • Highly conductive
  • Non-corrosive

The thickness of the gold plating affects the lifespan of the connection

  • The thinnest plating is called “flash plating”
  • The amount of gold plating on connectors is measured in microns
  • 50 microns ensures a stable, high-speed connection, that will last for many years
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