Jan 262013
  • All orders are usually shipped the same business day, if the order is placed by 3:00 PM Arizona time.
  • Shipping fees To find the fee to ship the items that you want, to your location – click here  
    • Shipping fees are based on weight, for all of the countries to which we ship
    •  Combined-shipping:  Shipping fees are based on total weight of the parcel.  Shipping cost per gram/ounce/pound reduces as the shipment-size increases.
  • Lower Cost for Small Orders:  USA, Europe, Canada:
    • We can ship small orders by mail for low cost
    • Europe:  We can ship small parcels by mail for much lower cost than FedEx.
    • Please contact Customer Service by the chat button on the lower left of any page, or call:  520-394-4274


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