Aug 112012
  • Ubiquiti has acknowledged that they are not trying to compete in the router market and that MikroTik is the preferred solution (Dec 2010 conference in San Jose).
  • Some WISP customers say that having the router and radio on the same device is a disadvantage:  So much processing activity may make the device prone to “hang” (need a reboot)
  • However there are WISPs are using MikroTik for both routing and WiFi with no problems
  • MikroTik’s RB1100AH (and RB1100AHx2) routers give you control over individual users’ bandwidth allocation:  You cannot get this sort of control with Ubiquiti gear

Ubiquiti GUI interface is much easier than MikroTik, to configure:  Any network engineer can quickly figure it out without going to a class.  MikroTik requires either specific training in RouterOS or a lot of home-study.

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