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How we helped a customer achieve a strong connection up to 200 meters, in an environment cluttered with buildings and trees:
  • using 18dBi directional antenna and 500mW Signal Booster.
  • Case study is germane for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network links.
  • Large photo takes 30 sec. to one minute to load
  • The comments in the caption below the photo were written before the Yagi antennas and booster were installed.  At that time customer was using a 10dBi panel antenna.

Wireless network diagram: Amplifier & antennas

After installing all of these items, the customer, Guy Blundell, wrote: “All the stuff is working perfectly and it works well over 200m and is stable.”

Then as a test, Guy disconnected antenna A and wrote that “with just one of the antennas (B, which is aimed toward point #6) connected with the booster, it reaches all my wireless devices without a problem.  I found that when using both antennas, the signal was not as strong” due to the signal-booster’s power being split between the two antennas.

The Yagi 18dBi directional antenna’s stated specification of horizontal beamwidth is 24° degrees.  Apparently the 500mW booster enables it to spray signal way beyond this stated horizontal capacity.

Network installed by:  Guy Blundell of QuickFix I.T., Kenilworth, England

Case study of network on estate with wirless links up to 100meters

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