Jan 282013

QUESTIONS from customer:  The wifi connection utility says I have 54 megabits, but downloads are too slow. Yes the AP may offer 54 megabits and my connection utility says 54 megabits but try this approach. Try to simultaneously watch your connection speed while at the same time downloading a large file or a complicated webpage. You can watch the connection speed drop dramatically. You may actually have 54 megabits if you are the only person using the AP. Often you are not. In the mobilehome/RV park where I live, on busy weekends I may have a high indicated connection speed but repeatedly get a “cannot find the server at xyz.com“. The AP is overloaded with traffic from other users.

Another and related issue is connection speed versus actual download speed. I can connect at 11 or 54 megabits, but my measured download speed is no more than 480 kilobits due to the pipe feeding the AP which is giving all of us to share only part of a single T1 line!!!


Re: the AP:  I think they need to upgrade to a professional-grade AP.
Re: The final issue that you mentioned:  The internet connection is typically the bottleneck in any such scenario, since the LAN/WiFi bandwidth is much greater.  The solution resides in upgrading the internet connection, of course.
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