Sep 272012

CUSTOMER QUESTION:   I am looking at installing wireless communication which will be transmitting

Ubiquiti NanoBridge 22dBi 5GHz fot point to point bridge

Use 1 NanoBridge 22dBi on each side of link to easily bridge 2KM for voice, video & data.

Video, VoIP and data transmission.

A bit about the layout:  Site ‘A” is the main location, Site ‘B’ is the remote location (2 klm a part with line of site)  The two wifi’s are to be bridges and the highest possible throughput.  Keeping in mind that it must adhere to frequencies legalities in Ontario Canada.

I want the highest gain possible on a parabolic type antenna and a good outdoor poe AP

RECOMMENDED SOLUTION from Data Alliance:   Because the distance is only 2KM we think you should use NanoBridge 5GHz 22dBi for this application: One NanoBridge on each end.   The highest possible gain parabolic antenna would be 34dBi but even to use 25dBi would be overkill for this short distance.

Canada and USA have the same legal frequencies.

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