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Resolve any issue involving checkout with PayPal payment:

If in the US, enter your state as the 2-letter abbreviation.   Examples:  California=CA; Puerto Rico = PR (not P.R.)

  1. On our checkout page, select one of the options under:  CUSTOMERS WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT ON OUR SITE:   Choose one of the two options (“place order & create an account,” or “place order without creating an account”) and go through the checkout steps: 
  2. You will have the option to choose “Check/Money Order” as the payment method:
  3. Choose “Check/Money Order” and proceed through “order confirmation”  This step places your order in our system, and you will receive an invoice by email.
  4. Then do the following to complete the PayPal payment:
         a. Go to www.paypal.com
    b. Log-in to your paypal account
    c. Click “send money” to use the “send money” feature:
    d. Send the amount of the invoice as a payment to 
     this email address (click here) 
  5. We will then apply the PayPal payment to mark your order as “paid” and will ship the order.

PAYPAL EXPRESS CHECKOUT is a simple and fast way to checkout

To pay by PayPal Express Checkout:

  1. Click the orange “checkout with PayPal” button on the checkout page:  You will be transferred to a PayPal log-in page:
  2. Simply log-in to your PayPal account, and PayPal will display the amount to be paid – you click to confirm that you wish to pay  (in one click).
  3. Then PayPal will automatically transfer you back to a confirmation page on data-alliance.net:  You click to confirm your order, and the order is complete.

PayPal Express Checkout is a totally secure and fast way to checkout, because:

  • Saves you time because you do not have to enter any address information, because it is already stored in PayPal’s system
  • Keeps your financial information in the PayPal system:  Only your shipping address and email address is passed to our system. 

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