Jan 212014

RG59 coaxial cable fire retardant

  • Specifications
    • RG59 coaxial cable & wire 
    • 0.81mm Solid Bare Copper +2.95 mm Solid PE +Tinned Copper
    • Conductor: 0.81mm Solid Bare Copper OR CCS
    • Dielectric: 2.95 mm Solid PE OR FOAM PE
    • Shield: Tinned Copper Braid 95% Coverage OR BC OR CCAM
    • Jacket: 4.9mm Black PVC

Does it meet ASTM standards for fire/heat?

RG213/U as a replacement for LMR-FR:  Customer had a quality concern with LMR-FR pertaining to condensation inside the cable and said they had to replace every inch of their LMR-FR cable that was installed and they replaced it with RG213/U.

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