Mar 082011

Products/items needed:  These are items (SKUs):

1.  Antenna: Marine Waterproof 8dBi Omni-Directional Stainless Steel  (sku# A8oM; see also A9N – but not marine grade)

2. Antenna cable: RP-SMA male to N male: 10-inch. For wireless / WiFi  (sku# P4)

3 .Outdoor Enclosure / Mount for Alfa AWUS036H AWUS036NH & Antenna: Fits all small WiFi USB adapters: (Sku# ENC2; also sku# ENC )

4.  Alfa AWUS036H or Alfa AWUS036NH

5. USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable: 5 meters / 16-ft: Chain up to 25 meters / 80 ft:  Sku# U5

6 Silicone Grease Waterproof Seal for Electrical, USB. Clear; 1 FL ou. Tube :  Sku# SG


-Connect 10 inch cable to antenna

-Fit antenna cable into enclosure and attach Alfa USB WiFi adapter unit to 10 inch cable by removing the 5dbi antenna that it comes with.

-Fit unit into enclosure with antenna cable and USB cable attached then enclose

-Connect extension cable to the USB cable that the unit comes with, then connect to computer

-Add silicone grease to places where cables connect and any area on that you wish to make weatherproof

– Mount where desired

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