May 152013

Use RocketM2, combined with this sector antenna:  AM2G15 – these are both Ubiquiti products.  Install the RocketM2 and antenna at the position of the ISP link.

The sector antenna has 120-degrees radiation pattern so you just face it toward the middle of the marina.  The sector antenna is better to use than an omni-directional antenna (in most cases, as in this case), because the ISP connection is on one side of the marina and the antenna can be aimed to cover the entire hotspot-area.
The power to the rocket is power over ethernet (POE) and the POE is included.  The ethernet cable is not included.  We have many options – click here – depending on what length you need.

QUESTION: Any problem with tide issue on low tide there is approx.10-12 drop and line of site would be compromised?  Should i be also putting Access Point on b and c.   sorry about picture but that is where cement wall is and at low it would be out of line of site.

ANSWER: The rocket and antenna combo that I recommended is very strong and I don’t think you will need additional access points, and I think it will cover fine even at low tide.  I suggest that you try it – installed at the position of the ISP link – and see how the coverage is.
MULTIPLE APs with ROAMING among them:   The UAP series is the best solution if you need to install multiple APs and enable roaming among them, on the same SSID and security keys: The UAPOUTDOOR 2.4GHz has exactly the same form factor as the RocketM2 and so it will mount inside the same antennas that the RocketM2 mounts into – for example sector antenna:  AM2G15
Marina WiFi Hotspot - open access - diagram
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