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One of our customers wrote this article about how to choose and how much money to spend on a WiFi solution:  This article is aimed at the layman rather than umber-geek.

Some very low cost solutions exist that can significantly improve the on board WIFI experience. Rather than spend money on paid WIFI sites, we would recommend investing in some very simple technology that should outperform just about anything out there. You will recoup the investment by having cheaper Internet access.
We recommend using cheap off the shelf solutions that are flexible. Do not over invest in expensive high-end (marine grade) gear. It will quickly be outdated and doesn’t seem to give the best performance.

The recommended

1)     Relatively cheap (Costs approximately USD 125).

2)  Performs extremely well (better than USD 2500 solutions).

3)     Is flexible (individual components can be upgraded over time as better solutions become available).

4)     Easy to install also for novices. (No need to drill holes your boat!)

5)     Works with Mac, Windows (XP and Vista) and Linux.

Reasons why you need WiFi on your boat:

– Communication with the home front

– Obtaining weather information (faxes, satellite images, text forecasts, radio frequencies, GRIB files)

– Obtaining navigational information (charts, chart updates)

– Port information (marina, local sights and service providers)

– Maintenance and repairs (obtaining online manuals, troubleshooting lists, part diagrams, purchasing parts etc.)

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