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QUESTION:  Will having 8 high-power wireless USB adaptes with 9dBi antennas in area 50 feet in diameter cause interference issues?

ANSWER:  There will be some interference, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough to cause problems – maybe some intermittant issues. I’m more concerned about all the steel roofs. If there is steel sidings on the shacks, it’s going to be a tricky situation: Signals bouncing off of all of that steel causes degradation of the individual signals.   The only way to see for certain is to test.

However:  We have many, many satisified and multiple-repeat customers that live in RV parks much of the year: They’re dealing with a similar situation in both ways: Many wifi connections in a confined local area, with a lot of steel siding and roofs. And they speak of issues sometimes, but then again, the same ones come back again and again recommending our equipment to their friends – some of these have been buying from us for years, on behalf of friends. Bottom line is that it’s working out for them.

I think that the worst case scenario in your situation is that we would have to upgrade the USB adapter to a higher-power device.

RESPONSE FROM CUSTOMER: Well it seems like you addressed all of my questions, now it is time to wait for the equipment and test it.

I plan on doing about 3 tests. Should take me only 1 night to do all 3, then I will let you know the results the next day.

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