Mar 152015

Seven-Mile Link in Arizona:  Actual throughput (MAC layer):  300-400Mbps:  From small town to tower in remote area:  April 2015

  • Using B5c with 34dBi dishes on both sides
  • A lot of interference from operator’s own APs on one towers (12 APs on remote tower, 4 on the small-town tower).
  • Using 20-40MHz DFS channels
  • Not using RFArmor
  • This is an actual, working link

12km Link Example:

  • Noise floor:  90.49dBm
  • 21km link from a building in the city, out to a suburban or rural location, with one hill or small mountain in the path, but this is not high enough to be in the frenzel zone.
  • To make this 21km link, customer will need B5c with 34dBi dual polarity dish (2FT) on each end.  B5 with its 25dBi antenna gain is not sufficient.
  • Throughput at MAC layer:  200Mbps.  For higher throughput, you would need RFArmor.

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