Sep 162012
SCENARIO, from customer:

We are in discussion with a group about a potential new sight for our WiFi service.  This sight would consist of two access points that will use a WDS relay configuration.  The two access points will be about 3 miles apart on different islands with no objects between them.  There will end users at both locations.  What Ubiquiti equipment would you recommend we use for this installation if we get the go ahead?
For the point-to-point 3-mile link, I recommend the NanoBridge 5GHz 25dbi on both sides.
To reach the end users at the two locations:  Depends on how close they are to the APs and I will assume that they are using 2GHz:  So so the APs on each side, I recommend one LOCO2 or LOCOM2 on each side (if they are within 2KMs of the APs and there is no obstruction of line of sight) and if they are KMs away from the APs, then I would recommend one NS2 or NSM2 on each side.
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