Nov 072012


The following are firm policies of Data Alliance that we have had since our beginning in 2002, and will forever maintain:

  • We never have sent spam and never will send spam mail to our customers
  • We never have and never will share your information with anyone.
  • Your information is kept totally secure and used only for correspondence regarding order(s) that you have placed.
  • Our relationship with our customer base is based on these promises that we’ve made for many years, and our membership with consumer-reference services depends on the maintenance of all of the policies mentioned on this page.
  • Same policies apply if you only make an inquiry on our site.  No difference in policy for actual customers & potential customers

Electronic communications & information systems are secure:

  • Customers’ checkout process is conducted via an SSL (Secure Socket Layer / encrypted) link.
  • Our Thawte SSL certificate is authentication and assurance that your credit card information is safe.
  • Our internal systems are extremely secure: Multiple firewalls, very strong passwords, and very limited access (only two totally-trusted employees have access to customer information, and only one of these has access to credit card information).

CONCERNS ABOUT SECURITY OF YOUR INFORMATION? You can choose PayPal as a third-party checkout option, to checkout from this website: This is a completely separate checkout systems which keep your financial information in the PayPal: Only your address and email address is passed to our system. For more information, click below:


  • Enter a payment amount, log in, and you’re done!
  • PayPal Purchase Protection for eligible transactions.
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