Jul 212012
How we helped a customer achieve a strong connection up to 200 meters, in an environment cluttered with buildings and trees:
  • using 18dBi directional antenna and 500mW Signal Booster.
  • Case study is germane for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network links.
  • Large photo takes 30 sec. to one minute to load
  • The comments in the caption below the photo were written before the Yagi antennas and booster were installed.  At that time customer was using a 10dBi panel antenna.

Wireless network diagram: Amplifier & antennas

After installing all of these items, the customer, Guy Blundell, wrote: “All the stuff is working perfectly and it works well over 200m and is stable.”

Then as a test, Guy disconnected antenna A and wrote that “with just one of the antennas (B, which is aimed toward point #6) connected with the booster, it reaches all my wireless devices without a problem.  I found that when using both antennas, the signal was not as strong” due to the signal-booster’s power being split between the two antennas.

The Yagi 18dBi directional antenna’s stated specification of horizontal beamwidth is 24° degrees.  Apparently the 500mW booster enables it to spray signal way beyond this stated horizontal capacity.

Network installed by:  Guy Blundell of QuickFix I.T., Kenilworth, England

Case study of network on estate with wirless links up to 100meters

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  1. I bought here several antennas already and all work perfect,but now i have a new costumer who wants the signal from his house to his ranch and is 3 miles away,is that possible with out needing to install real high poles?and do you have antennas tthat can reach that far? and if you do,the costumer says he have 15 megas of speed,how much it’s going to drop?

  2. Hi Duane – for the first question: It depends on the line of sight: That’s the key and will determine if you need to install poles. Do you have a direct line of sight? For the second question: 15 megas of speed,how much it’s going to drop?: No – the speed can be the same.

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