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Our RP-SMA Cables & Adapters

Our CABLES with RP-SMA connectors:

ALL ANTENNA CABLES in our site/store have cable-type equivalent to LMR100A or higher,  in quality and signal-loss per meter.

Our cables of 2-meters to 9-meters are made from cable-type equivalent to LMR200 in quality and signal-loss per meter.  Longer cables made from cable-type equivalent to LMR400 The higher quality of the cable of our cables translates into lower signal loss & better performance. 

It is best to have the shortest cable that will serve your needs, since some signal strength is lost in the antenna cable. 

Signal loss per meter:  

  • LMR100A cable:  1.28dBi of loss/meter
  • LMR200 cable:    0.54dBi of loss/meter

SMA Connectors Support Page

RP-SMA Antennas

RP-SMA & SMA Gender
RP-SMA connectors’ GENDER IS COUNTERINTUITIVE in two ways: 

  • The gender is referring to the pins inside–not the threads.
  • Connectors with “RP” in the name are further complicated by the “reverse polarization” (RP):
  • The pins are female when they appear to be male, and vice versa.
  • If documentation refers to the connector as “reverse ____”:  This is the same as RP-____ (e.g,  “reverse SMA” = RP-SMA)
  • RP-SMA-female has a pin
  • RP-SMA-male has a socket
  • SMA-female has a socket
  • SMA-male has a pin

Details about Reverse Polarity (RP) / Reverse Gender Connectors And Adapters

  • Reverse Polarity/Reverse Gender connectors satisfy FCC Regulation 15 by switching dielectrics and pins/contacts between genders.
  • For example, a Reverse Gender Male consists of a male body, however, the dielectric and contact are female.
  • Basically, an RP female will look like a standard male, and an RP male will look like a standard female. Reverse Polarity connectors and adapters will not mate with standard coaxial connectors.  To attempt to do so will damage the connector.
  • All of our cables with RP-SMA female have a bulkhead (nut and washer).  They will will pass through an exterior wall covered in sheet metal and will seal out weather and survive extreme temperatures.

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