Jul 152009

[The following was compiled by a Data Alliance customer who approved of the posting of his writings here]:

DOWNLOAD DRIVERS FOR Realtek 8187L chipset (the chipset of the Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW USB adapter):

New drivers (dated 11/16-20) for the Alfa Networks (e.g. Realtek 8187L chipset) USB device have been posted on Realtek’s site (v1293) .

Download page for the older version Realtek 8185L chipset:


The new driver works very well with WinXP (at long last)…I am still using my tweaks (14 in Long and Short Retry Limits), and I am not using the associated client software ( I am still using XP’s “zero configuration utility” – “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings” box checked)

Throughput has improved – especially in “burst” mode – and the “Site Survey” bug is fixed (thus far has not re-appeared). That bug required the adapter to “restarted” in order to have it find anything sometimes. It seems to be forming connections much quicker as well..

All-in-all – a big improvement over other recent versions – Although the 1207 version is just as stable…It appears that the many bugs which were introduced along the way to the Vista “port” of the driver have been fixed.

These comments are with respect to WinXP – No other OS was tested.

Be sure that you reference/download the 8187L driver and not the others.

Clearly Realtek has been doing quite a bit of work …From 1243 to now has been a real nightmare…or maybe a “Realtek” nightmare would be more accurate.  I think they only have one guy as a developer for the chip.  Fortunately the Vista stuff has caused him to look more carefully at a bunch of the other code.  A review of the comments tells you how serious the problems have been….disconnects, power-management…etc..

There have been quite a few corrections since the 1207 version…And it is clear that recent versions introduced as many bugs as they fixed.

Realtek does not keep older versions around, so it’s always good to stay on top of new versions.

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