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Product: U.FL Extension Cable: 12-inch 14in 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 2FT 28″ 30″ 3FT, 42-inch, 4FT U.FL-male to U.FL-female
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Had a dickens of a time (yeah, I’m getting old) trying to find the right cables for our applications. Since we are a smaller company, we don’t have the coin to contract with a big manufacturer to get the cables we need. Luckily Data-Alliance saved the day. We’ve been getting all of these cables and many others from D-A and have had great luck and with great prices that beat pretty much anyone else. STAY AWAY from the AMAZON cables adn antennas…we learned the hard way…the antennas, cables, etc you find on FleaBay and Amazon are mostly junk. Some good stuff, but you have to filter through it. So why waste your time, just buy from Data Alliance. And no, I don’t know the owners, staff, and I am not an investor or anything. Just a satisfied customer.

Speaking of the staff; they are very knowledgeable. If you have any questions, ask. They can custom make pretty much anything you need. Just need to ask them and they respond pretty quickly to boot.

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Jun 272017
 1. No lights when plugging into the switch
a. Modules are not compatible with the switch:   Result is that the switch does not allow the modules to work.  The brands may be incompatible:  For example Cisco modules do not work in a Juniper switch.
b. Modules is defective, the gold finger is scratched , causes the modules to not be able to supply the power normally,
c. TOSA is defective or damaged.
2. Modules can’t be identified or DDM info. is abnormal :
a. Modules not compatible with the switches:  Result is that the DDM info. can’t be read
b. I2C communication is abnomal:  The rate isn’t matched with the switches;
c. I2C pull-up resistor is missed:   Result is that the data can’t be transmitted correctly;
d. I2C program has problems, can’t match the customers’ switches.
3.  No Link with switches :
a. Modules can’t work with the switch:  The switch is not enabling the modules to work. 
b. Receiver optical power is too small or can’t be received:  Modules display RX_LOS can’t communicate:  Can be read via RX_PWR of DDM.  Some switches can display the alarm/ malfunction … working condition.
c.  Receiver overload because  bit error is too large to communicate:  Usually happens on the long distance modules, direct connecting  the modules with the patch cords , because the receiver rate is too large, and will damage the modules.
d. Modules is damaged:  Return back to the supplier to test. 
4. Modules have light, but the optical power is much lower than the standard data:
a. Optical fiber isn’t matched very well:  Re-plug the modules and test again;
b. Optical fiber transverse is damaged or dirty:  Replace the optical fiber and test again;
c. Using the wrong optical fiber, such as SM modules used as MMF.
d. Modules wavelength is different from the optical power meter.
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Mar 292012
  1. Unplug  all internet or wireless connection.
  2. Connect the R36 in your computer ( it has to be alone, 36NH will not be connected ).
  3. On the internet browser type
  4. In the screen type the login name : admin, and the password: admin
  5. In the next screen go to EASY SETUP and select USB Wireless Adapter.
  6. Connect the AWUS036NH or the AWUSo36NHR
  7. Press the button ( SITE SURVEY ) check in the side of this button it say INFRASTRUCTURE, it it say this is ok but if the box say 802.11 Ad Hoc please change to infraestructure.
  8. Select the SSDI you will conect
  9. Before you set the wep key check the box is on one side of the SITE SURVEY if the box say 802.11 Ad Hoc change it to INFRAEATRUCTURE the set the wep key.
  10. Click next
  11. Change the name of the SSID if you want to, or leave it in default name like ALFA_AP
  12. press done ( it will save your info and will reboot ) when the reboot is done unplug the ethernet cable from the R36

See also:  Setup R36 with Alfa AWUS036NH and AWUS036NHR

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