Jul 282020
Great cables at a great price

Product: U.FL Extension Cable: 12-inch 14in 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 2FT 28″ 30″ 3FT, 42-inch, 4FT U.FL-male to U.FL-female
Posted By: Nick

Had a dickens of a time (yeah, I’m getting old) trying to find the right cables for our applications. Since we are a smaller company, we don’t have the coin to contract with a big manufacturer to get the cables we need. Luckily Data-Alliance saved the day. We’ve been getting all of these cables and many others from D-A and have had great luck and with great prices that beat pretty much anyone else. STAY AWAY from the AMAZON cables adn antennas…we learned the hard way…the antennas, cables, etc you find on FleaBay and Amazon are mostly junk. Some good stuff, but you have to filter through it. So why waste your time, just buy from Data Alliance. And no, I don’t know the owners, staff, and I am not an investor or anything. Just a satisfied customer.

Speaking of the staff; they are very knowledgeable. If you have any questions, ask. They can custom make pretty much anything you need. Just need to ask them and they respond pretty quickly to boot.

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