Jul 152009
From customer:   Three questions concerning the Alfa adapter I bought from you:

1) I use XP.  On page 12 of the instructions it says to uncheck Windows Zero Config (to use the Alfa).  On page 16 it says to uncheck the Windows Zero Config to use the native wireless support.   Which should I do?

This is referring to whether you’re going to use the alfa utility or the windows utlity:  Either will work, but alfa probably best

2) On page 20 of the instructions it shows a Wireless Mode selection and this is also on my screen.   But my screen only allows ‘b’; there is no g/b in the dropdown.  What is wrong?

This is a G/B card – I don’t know why they left G off

3) In your online troubleshooting guide it says for “laptops with internal wifi use Device Manager in windows control panel to disable the internal wifi card”.  My computer came with a keyboard button that disables all of the internal wireless devices but does not turn off the power to them.  Will using this button be sufficient or do I need to go into the Wireless Assistant and turn off the power?

Using the button is sufficient 


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