Mar 172013

The WiFi USB adapter (Alfa AWUS036H) will be installed in the outdoor enclosure (see below) at the radar mount about half way up the mast (about 18ft).  The USB cable will connect from there to the R36 router inside the cabin.

Items needed (qty 1 of each) and their SKUs on

The cost for all of the above items is $127.43 + shipping (as of March 2013)


  1. The “remote” signal – a WiFi signal that has an internet connection – is picked up by the Alfa WiFi adapter
  2. The Alfa WiFi adapter plugs into the R36 by USB cable
  3. The R36 then acts as a local access point – re-broadcasting that signal locally (such as in a boat).
  4. Then the local users can connect  to the R36’s WiFi signal

This system works for Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone , Blackberry users:  See details

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