Jan 232015

To whom it may concern,

In my world, I only seem to hear when someone on our team doesn’t live up to our expectations.  I believe it’s important when people go above and beyond that they should be recognized.  Simon Kingsley has done just that.  Our company is in the middle of a development project and at the critical junction.  On this Friday afternoon at 4:00PM EST we needed a very unusual adapter.  When searching online, what we found was 15 to 30 days to deliver from China.  My colleague went to google and your company caught our attention.  We were fortunate enough to get Simon on the phone and he was a tremendous help.  He configured the adapter set to meet our requirements and was able to get your shipping department to run to UPS and drop it off for Saturday delivery.  We were thrilled; the project would not come to a halt.
After the adrenaline and settled we reviewed the order and realized our configuration was wrong.  We immediately called Simon knowing we were at the UPS cut off time.  He went into action and identified the right parts, got the warehouse and shipping people on the phone and was able to get the correct parts out for delivery on Saturday.  A remarkable feat.
He was calm, courteous, patient and projected this “can do” attitude.  Please note, I’m talking about an $8.00 part.  In both cases, the cost of freight was immaterial, we were happy to pay the Saturday delivery premium.  The fact that Simon refused to give in and found a way to make this happen was wonderful.
We congratulate your company for having him as a representative.
I can’t thank everyone enough and you have certainly found a new customer.
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