Jan 202011

Customer sent us these observations:

Having purchased and used the Realtek 8187B, 8187L, and now the new high-power (1000 milliwatt) 8187L wifi adapters from you I offer some comments from my experience.

1. On the same signal and under the same circumstances, the 8187B might offer 3-bars, the 8187L might offer 4-bars, and the new high-power 8187L might offer 5-bars on the received signal.  But that is misleading. I do not have a lab full of equipment, but after playing around with a dozen or so of these the past two years it appears Realtek is jacking up the bars without jacking up the performance.

2. The 8187B might show 1-bar on a signal but that signal is usable. The new high-power 8187L adapters I have are useless on anything under 3-bars.

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