May 032015

“Rebox” product is new, physically undamaged and complete product with full factory warranty, but which arrived at our warehouse in a damaged carton, and therefore does not meet Data Alliance’s quality standards to be sold as new. It has been repackaged in a generic carton and discounted.

Data Alliance’s part number will end with REBOX after the SKU, signifying a ReBox product.

Special Terms and Conditions:

Because Rebox product has been discounted, special terms and conditions apply:  Data Alliance cannot accept any return of a ReBox product unless it is Defective On Arrival (DOA). In that case, standard DOA return policies apply, however a replacement can only be made if another ReBox unit of the same part number is available. Data Alliance will not replace a ReBox product with a new product at the same discounted price.

Orderable quantity is restricted to inventory on hand.

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