Jan 262013

We warrant them for three months (there are occasional exceptions to this). 

The reasons for the 3-month limitation on warranty:

  1. These are portable items and a card or adapter can “go bad” after a single instance of being dropped on a hard surface: Either immediately or later.
  2. Many or most users do not use “Safely remove USB device” function to stop the USB connection before removing the hardware.  This will make a laptop running Vista freeze.  We suspect that it causes some damage to the USB wireless adapter (see footnote 1).
  3. High power cards run hot and this (perhaps combined with the effects of issues 1 & 2 above) contributes to a high rate of “burn out” after extensive use.  This is the case with every high-power adapter or card:  Because of the relatively high rate of failure over time, I think it’s not a case of being “defective.”  For example, Ubiquiti (a very highly regarded brand) cards have a very high rate of failure over time:  We estimate that after 2 years of use, more than 50% fail. 
  4. If the adapter / card is in a tight confined space or in a place where it will be exposed to an external heat-source, the effects of the heat will be exacerbated.
  5. Our presumption/theory is that many (maybe almost all) of the ones that “go bad” have been subjected to rough treatment, an operating environment which allows too much heat accumulation, or perhaps continuous-use.  Continuous use of an item that runs so hot will burn it out.

If you have insights, opinions or counter-points to these theories we are very interested in hearing your input: CONTACT US

Footnote 1:  One of our customers with a strong technical-support background gave this opinion about Item #2, above:  “Item #2 – I don’t think does any harm…  The main purpose of this feature in Windows is for memory storage devices such as hard drives, USB sticks, DVD Drives so that Windows can flush its buffers prior to the user disconnecting which can cause corrupt data on the device.  I think that with a WiFi card, nothing much can happen.  This is just my opinion however.”

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