Jul 212012

RB750-series models cost about $25 less than the RB450-series models

The “G” versions cost about $25 more than the non-G versions

RB750G reached end-of-life in 2011 and was replaced by RB750GL.

RB450G & RB450 have Level5 license and RB750GL has Level4

Graphical configuration interface options: All RouterBoards can be configured using Winbox interface (GUI) and web GUI

RB750G & RB750GL come in a plastic case while RB450G & RB450’s case is sold separately and is steel

Power Supplies

  • All four models have built-in Power over Ethernet, on Ethernet port1
  • RB750G & RB750 also include an AC/DC power supply adapter
  • RB450G & RB450 do not include an AC/DC power supply adapter (sold separately)

RB450G & RB450 have the following & RB750G & RB750 do not have these features:

  • More RAM
  • Serial port
  • Voltage monitor
  • MicroSD card slot


RB450G adds the following features to RB450 features:  

          Gigabit speed capability 256Mb of RAM Faster CPU microSD card slot for file storage


RB750GL adds the following features to RB750 features:

         Gigabit capable ports SDRAM onboard memory is 64MB rather than 32MB

RB750GL is the upgrade from RB750, which is at end-of-life in 2011


PPoE client / DSL client: All four models can be used as a PPoE client: Solve limitations/restrictions of DSL modems, simplify, & save IPs

Reduce number of public IP addresses required by 1 or 2.

Assign your 1 public/static IP to this router rather than your DSL router

Enable RDP access behind DSL modems that block RDP (Terminal Services / RDC), such as Qwest ActionTek (PK5000 & others)

Put your ActionTek DSL modem into Transparent Bridging mode, and the MikroTik RouterBoard can take over all routing & firewall functions from the DSL modem. This greatly simplifies your network topology – you won’t have to configure your DSL router or having any troubleshooting problems with it.

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