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I have been helping support the WiF in our RV resort.  One of the biggest issues with our users is that they live in “Park Models” that are constructed with metal siding.  They may be close to an antenna but still have poor service because of the low power of their system in their “Park Model”.  I am now testing the EnGenius EUB 362 ext and it is much better than the internal card I was using.  I am still having drops and lost connections.  I think that your product at 500 mw would be a better solution than the 200 mw EnGenius.  We have about 150 users currently in our resort of over 1100 sites.  I would love to test your product in our environment and against the product I am currently using.  We need a product that we can recommend to our users of the WiFi service.  I think the Alfa is the one I would like to try, but would like your input as to the best antenna for our customers?  I would like to work with you on a solution for the resort.

Thank you,

Phil N.

Phil –

Certainly the Alfa 500mW will be the best choice as the USB adapter:  Much better than EnGenius EUB 362 ext.

For the antenna, you need a directional-type in order to sort out the signals in an environment in which the signals are bouncing on metal trailers.

Here is the best-value for a directional antenna:

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