Feb 142014
  1. Speed:  4G is capable of providing down speed of 0.4 to 50 Mbps and an up speed of 0.2 to 6 Mbps while satellite internet promises down speed of 0.5 to 1 Mbps and up speed of less than 1 Mbps.
  2. Equipment:   With a 4G connection you only need a USB dongle to get access to internet where as a lot of equipment is required to get satellite reception. Hence, 4G is convenient to use and requires less paraphernalia compared to satellite internet.
  3. Weather effects:  Satellite reception is highly affected by weather disturbances at the antenna end while 4G remains unfazed by weather.
  4. Cost:  Satellite internet is much more expensive to install and use than 4G primarily because of the entire hardware setup that satellite internet demands.

Conclusion:  Satellite internet is prohibitively expensive for a private user when compared to 4G and the speed is also nothing
much to write home about. It shall be resorted to only at places where the service provider has no network and hence 4G is unavailable.

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