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IF THE USB ADAPTER / CARD LIGHT(S) IS NOT ON or are amber (NOT GREEN):  Click here

IF THE USB ADAPTER / CARD IS POWERING ON & OFF, or DROPPING CONNECTIONS:  Click here to see solutions & details about this problem

IF THE USB ADAPTER / CARD LIGHT(S) IS ON (GREEN), but you cannot see a Wireless Access Point (WAP) or connect to a WAP, most likely, you’ve got a connectivity issue that can be solved by the steps below / on this page:

If wireless access is “Local only” (not “Local and Internet”):   click here for resolution to local-only access problem

WAP SETTINGS:  Recommended:  While troubleshooting, use these settings temporarily on your Wireless Access Point (WAP):  Set to broadcast the SSID.  Disable WEP.  Later be sure to change these to your permanent configuration settings.

WEPWired Equivalent Privacy:  Mismatched WEP settings are a common source of issues in connecting to a wireless access point (WAP).  Make sure that the encryption level on the client matches the setting on the WAP, and that the keys match.

IP address settings:  If you do not know very much about IP addresses:  Set both the AP and the adapter/card to use DHCP.

The setting(s) of the WAP much match the setting(s) of the card in the following ways:  Same subnet, subnet mask must match, and the gateway IP address of the client card should be set to the “inside” (LAN) IP address of the WAP:   If the WAP is not set to serve as a DHCP server, manually set the IP configuration of the client card to have these settings.

If the WAP is set to serve as a DHCP server (this is the default/typical setting):  Set the client card to receive its IP address information from DHCP (this is also the default setting of all client cards).

Client access restriction settings:  WAPs have settings to restrict access so that  only specified WiFi clients can access.  The default setting of a WAP is to allow access to all, and so “restricted access” is only enabled if someone has consciously enabled this setting.  If the WAP is set to restrict access, you will need to add the MAC address of your WiFi client to the list of clients that are allowed access.

DROPPED CONNECTION REPAIR:  Click this icon   in your system tray.  Click “Support” tab, then “Repair” button.

Re-boot the WAP:  WAPs need to be re-booted at least every two weeks, and a re-boot will often resolve a connectivity issue.  Leave the WAP unplugged for ten seconds before re-connecting the power.


1.  you are installing a new card to replace a previous card

2.  the previous card had different drivers, which are still installed

3.  you are using Windows

Go into the Network Control Panel and change the Default Protocol setting to  NetBEUI for the new card. (Windows does not do this automatically when you change cards but do not uninstall the drivers).

Symptoms of this issue:  Card does not work as fast as the previous card, in connecting to access point:   Appears to lose its connection to the access point, not maintaining a constant green light to indicate connection.

Change the Power setting from Normal to OFF.  The response time will be much better.  In the Normal power setting, it may be disconnecting as soon as possible.

WINDOWS 98SE USERS:  Set default network protocol to NetBEUI.

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