Jul 312012
True load-balancing is much more than just fail-over:  It means that the router balances data traffic over multiple links simultaneously, re-directing traffic to manage the bandwidth most efficiently and/or according to your prioritization rules.  Consumer-grade dual-WAN routers simply fail-over when a link goes down, and call that "load balancing."  Even some

"professional grade" dual-WAN routers such as LinkSys and TP-Link also simply offer fail-over.


PepLink offers the only low-cost dual-WAN port true load-balancing router ($295) with a graphical user interface that anyone with a bit of networking savvy can quickly configure.  And PepLink offers models with 3. 5. 7 and 13 WAN ports with true load-balancing.  Another low-cost option is MikroTik, but of course you need to be more technically savvy and with knowledge of the MikrTik RouterOS to configure them. 

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