Jun 052013
  • BulletM2 Titanium has much the same radio specs as the BulletM2HP plus it has extreme weatherproofing and comes with a POE 24 volt (see footnote)
  • For BulletM2HP you would have to buy the POE separately.
  • Bullet M5 and Bullet5 are 5GHz-spectrum devices and thus not right for a boat unless you are connecting to 5GHz hotspots (which is unlikely because 5GHz hotspots are very rare, though occassionally found in marinas)
  • BulletM2 is the BulletM2HP – there is no non-HP version of BulletM2 BulletM2HP is the same price as B2HP, an older version that does not have MIMO (wireless-N aka 802.11n): So might as well buy BulletM2HP.

Boat or RV:  You could use these two items to wire the POE injector straight into your 12-volt system:

This post was written in response to this question from customer:    I have been successfully using a Bullet M2 radio for my boat in order to connect to access points in the local marina and neighborhood. However, my M2 seems to be failing and I want to replace it. My problem is there are too many products in the Ubiquiti Bullet line, i.e. M2, M2HP, M5, then Titanium. Perhaps I should be smartest to just buy the cheapest and a tube of silicon grease, but I would like your advice about these many radios.

ANOTHER QUESTION & ANSWER:   Question:  I believe this Bullet M2HP failed because of too much moisture in the Florida environment, so my thought is to purchase the Titanium Bullet. What do you think? Is the Titanium overkill for my application of wifi receive, i.e. since I have no means to ever become an access point, is the M2HP sufficient if protected from the weather?

ANSWER:  Well, I think given the fact that apparently the Florida moisture killed the first bullet, it would no be overkill to use the Titanium this time.  When you consider all the time, trouble, shipping cost etc that is required to replace a bullet, maybe better to go with the most unlikely to fail.

FOOTNOTE:  24-volt Power Over Ethernet power supply: 24-volt POE enables much longer cable runs than 15-volt.

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