Jan 112010

Re. 1000mW and 2000mW USB wireless adapter specs for USB compatibility:

In the past we have stated that each of our offerings is USB 1.1/2.0 compatible and now realize that there may be an issue with the electricity flow from USB 1.1 ports (i.e., USB ports on older PCs):

Regarding data-flow:  If an item is 2.0 compatible, it is automatically backward compatible with 1.1:    But this does not apply to the electricity-flow:   The issue is the actual electricity that can flow out of a 1.1 vs 2.0 USB port.  A 2.0 port allows more, and we are presuming that the 2000Mw alfa AWUS036NH needs more than what can flow out of a USB 1.1 port:  It will probably have some issues:  Our customers have had some issues with the 1000mW Alfa AWUS036H on 1.1 usb ports.

Windows will actually give you a warning that the USB port is drawing too much power and simply shuts off the port: at least that is what we have seen when it happened on older computers.   If you don’t get a warning, all should be OK, we assume 🙂

Much of the content of this post was contributed by Mark Kilty, based on his experiences.

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