Nov 082013

There are no firmware upgrades for WiFi USB adapters
My brother has a AWUS036H he’s been using for six years

Customer: could it be something the friends have change in the signal

me: That’s another angle, yes

Sent at 1:30 PM on Friday

Customer: that link is to the H not the NHR
does it appply?

Sent at 1:32 PM on Friday

me: He can re-install his driver

Customer: it only has v2 on there and he says his isnt v2
would it still work?

me: I think he should try it

Sent at 1:42 PM on Friday

Customer: does he need to uninstall firmware already on there or just go ahead and install?

Sent at 1:44 PM on Friday

me: Uninstall what he has and then re-install
He could have a corrupt installation

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