Nov 152012
Try these steps to narrow down the possible cause:
1. Try more than one device (try a USB mouse, for example, and at least one other USB device)
2. For USB extender or active USB cables:  Try using the auxiliary power supply
3.  Try more than 2 of the USB extender just in case 1 or 2 is defective
4.  Try more than one ethernet cable.  Try just a short Cat5e cable just to see if you can get it to work before moving on to longer lengths
Our sku of the USB extender is UE
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  One Response to “Trouble-shooting USB extender over ethernet cable & long/active USB cables”

    I’m running an embedded windows XP application and for some reason, the USB Extender device wasn’t initially recognized however after some time sitting with the USB Extender hanging off the USB port, it did eventually recognize the device and it began to work. Seems very strange that windows didn’t see the device right away and maybe it’s the embedded version of XP that im using…….dont have a clue..

    Anyways, things seem to be working although I was in complete panic mode since this product is very integral in my system application and I took a huge leap of faith that I need not worry if this product was going to work as advertised. Gladly, it does!

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