Jun 222011
Email from customer, June 2011:
I have done much testing of different configurations between the new part you just sent and the older part that failed to work. First of all, the new cable extender system works with every usb device I plugged into it with a 100′ cat 6 cable. It even works with a 1.5 gig removable usb-sata drive (with the power adapter plugged in.) That is all good news – it works amazingly well with anything I plug into it, except the AWUS036H, which is a touchy situation.
I live on an island – I use a 19dbi panel antenna to shoot 3 miles across the sound to hook up to some nice person who has a 20 meg broadband pipe. I have other choices, but this one is really fast. This is all done with the little AWUS036H on the other end of that antenna. All this person has is just a regular SMC wireless router provided by the cable company. Nothing fancy – and I’m sure he has only the stock little rabbit ears on it.
My main computer will maintain a solid connection with the AWUS036H even if I use all 3 of my  usb extension cables.   Now you can see why I was interested in this ethernet-cable-to-usb rig that I found on your website.  It would allow me to get rid of those clunky usb extension cables that aren’t weatherproof.
Thanks for sending me that new set of cable extenders – you have my allegiance to your Alliance!!!!!
Troy Wilson
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