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SHIPPING and CHECKOUT for Customers in Israel: Shipping fees are automatically calculated in the cart & checkout process:

  • Most orders ($15 and more) we ship by express mail: Shipping Fees start at $25
  • For orders over 3-KG, we ship by UPS; Shipping Fee for 100 ounces is $220, and increases incrementally with weight. (6KG=100 ounces or 6lbs)
  • Very small, inexpensive order are shipped by first-class mail.


Shipping insurance is included in the rates based on weight, for shipping to Canadian customers (e.g., there is no additional amount to pay for insurance). Data Alliance warrants against lost or damaged packages shipped to Canadian customers. In the event of loss, purchase price plus shipping will be refunded in full.

CHECKOUT for Customers in Israel

  • All prices and shipping costs that you see on this website are in US dollars
  • You can checkout on this website, and can choose as payment method: PayPal, Check/Money order, or wire transfer (for large orders)
  • PayPal will automatically handle the currency conversion to US dollars
  • See checkout help for PayPal

Address-related help sections:

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