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Shipping address not same as billing address might cause an issue – read further

  • We ship to customers with legitimate need for shipping to a temporary or alternate address. Credit card criminals: We assist law enforcement / prosecution.
  • ALREADY CHECKED OUT? If you already checked out and the shipping address is not correct: Contact us for change of address

MILITARY / KBR / Foreign Service / APO:


If you are not in the United States & your shipping address does not match billing address: (APO/FPO addresses – no problem – see above

  • International transactions: Please pay by PayPal if you have a PayPal account:
    • If you pay by PayPal, we can ship your order right away – with no questions asked – because PayPal protects against fraudulent use of a credit card
  • If you make payment by credit card for an international transaction:

If the shipping address does not match the billing address: We reserve the right to cancel the transaction & refund (credit) back to your credit card account.

  • We review such transactions on a case-by-case basis to assess the risk: We may ship the order or we may cancel the transaction & refund (credit) back to your credit card account.

If you do not have a PayPal account:

  • During checkout: Provide as much information as possible to prove your identity: A company name if you have one, phone number; use your company email address.

PAYPAL account holders:


  • Enter a payment amount, log in, and you’re done!
  • PayPal Purchase Protection for eligible transactions.

If you are having a problem checking out because your shipping address is not the same as the address you have on file with your PayPal account: Two options:

  1. Checkout using PayPal Express Checkout as if your shipping address = billing address and immediately contact us for change of address
  2. Checkout using this option on our checkout page: “I want to place my order without creating an account” and go through the checkout steps:
    1. You will have the option to choose “Check/Money Order” as the payment method:
    2. Choose “Check/Money Order” and proceed through “order confirmation” This step places your order in our system, and you will receive an invoice by email.
    3. Then do the following to complete the PayPal payment:
      1. Go to www.PayPal.com
      2. Log-in to your PayPal account
      3. Click “send money” to use the “send money” feature:
      4. Send the amount of the invoice as a payment to [email protected]
      5. We will then apply the PayPal payment to mark your order as “paid” and will ship the order.


If paying by credit card: If there is not an answer to your question above:

  • Not in United States: See above sections: “Military / KBR APO” and “International customers”
  • In United States: If the shipping information (address and/or person) has no correlation with the billing information (address and/or person):


  • If you have an email address with a company/domain for which we can review the credentials (or your ID): No problem – we will ship it right away
  • If you have a previous transaction with us or otherwise appear to be legitimate, we will ship the order.
  • In other cases, we will review the transaction for risk-assessment before shipping:
  • We will look at email-domain, any company information provided, telephone number; we may call to verify and/or do web search to verify ID.
  • If you having a problem paying by credit card due to an address-related issue, click here for help


  • Login to change shipping and/or billing address in your Customer Account for future orders.
  • To change address of orders already placed, please contact us.
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