Aug 192012

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Step 1: Connect AWUS036H USB WLAN Adapter to the R36 Router USB port with USB cable.

Step 2: Power on the R36 Router and go to the setting webpage.

Step 3: Key in “admin” to both User Name and Password and you will see the homepage as below:

Step 4:  Go to Easy Setup check box you will find 4 types of WAN port connection. 

Step 5:

a) Check the USB Wireless adapter.

b) It will show “Saving” after check USB Wireless adapter

Step 6:  Please click the Site Survey box first. Prepare an available SSID after Site Survey.

Step 7:   a) Click Rescan

b) Scanning

Step 8: Many SSID appear on the Screen and Click Select one (Ex. VAP)

Step 9: It will show SSID and BSSID that AWUS036H going to connect.

Step 10: After click Next check box the screen will show Saving…

Step 11:  Configure the SSID and Security Mode of the R36 Router. (EX. ALFA-Extend)

Step 12:  a) Saving configuration

b) Rebooting after Saving

c) Wizard Success!

Step 13: It will show connected status and USB Wireless Adapter Information.

NOTE:  1. You can Site Survey again and find the R36 Radio (ALFA-Extend)

    2. To avoid USB Wireless Radio interfering you may turn off the radio of R36 Router from Advanced box.

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