Jan 242013

PHYSICAL SEPARATION of the R36 and the wifi adapter:  They should be physically separated to prevent transmitter noise from one degrading the receiver sensitivity in the other.  The last installation put the antenna and wifi adapter outdoors on a pole and the R36 inside a steel-walled trailer. Best results ever!

Maximum outside operating temperature of the Alfa WiFi USB adapters is 104 temperatures and they will fail if exposed to  temperatures higher than 104.

Most notes on this page are courtesy of our customer Jim Kaness.

To date I’ve made two installations of Alfa R36 wifi router/repeaters- one sold and one my own. In one case the high gain antenna is at the top of the pole while the R36 is at the bottom of the pole to concentrate its radiation into the house. In my own case the R36 is just below the high gain antenna and can be received by my laptop 200 to 500 feet away, This email is being sent through my own “wifi hotspot”. Photos attached.

12-volt power to the R36 is extended via 18-gauge zip cord spliced into the R36 power supply wire.

The wifi adapter is in the high gain antenna.  This makes the high gain antenna available for use with tablets and newer computer operating systems.

My own R36 installation, with the R36 just below the antenna outdoors on the pole has led to the wifi adapter dying. Symptoms were very low signal strength and very low connection speed. Replacing the CUR wifi adapter and putting the R36 ten feet away from it solved that problem.

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