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Alfa R36 802.11 b, g N, Repeater and Range Extender for AWUS036H can also be used as a 3G Router:  Enables you to repeat a WiFi connection to the internet:  The origin signal is connected to by the AWUS036H; the AWUS036H connects to the R36 by USB cable, and the R36  redistributes the internet connection to multiple Users (Desktops, Laptops, tablets, iPad)

Setup Instructions:

We recommend that you have the latest firmware installed.

You don’t have to install anything onto your laptop.

For best results, physically separate the R36 and the Alfa USB WiFi adapter as far and as physically isolated as is practical

To setup to repeat a signal from a neighboring Access Point:

  1. Use the USB cable to connect the awus036h to the r36
  2. Establish a connection to the R36 either by WiFi or by plugging ethernet cable into LAN port of R36 and ethernet port of PC
  3. Type in browser address bar: (this is the default IP address of the R36)
  4. Click “easy setup”
  5. Click “usb wireless adapter”
  6. Click “site survey”
  7. Click “rescan”
  8. Click on the “ssid” signal you want.
  9. Click “select”
  10. Click “next”
  11. Click “done” or you can click the “ssid choice” box, and rename it, and click “done.”  At this point you are finished with the installation.
  12. Security can be added at anytime by clicking on “advanced” and then clicking on “security.”  Adding security is almost identical on basically any brand of router.
  • The R36 works fine with the Alfa AWUS036H but it also works fine with other wifi adapters that use the Realtek RTL8187L chipset. This offers 802.11b/g (11 and 54 megabit) service but not 802.11n (150 megabit).
  • Bookmark the IP address of the R36 ( so you don’t have to keep remembering it.
  • When using the wifi connection to set up the R36, if you change the channel or the SSID (the name of the signal) of the R36 the change will take effect, but then your computer’s wifi will disconnect from the signal (because the ‘old’ signal is no longer there) and you will need to search for the ‘new’ R36 signal and reconnect and log in to the R36 before proceeding further!
  • R36 BOOT-UP TAKES ONE MINUTE.  Do not have a magnet near the R36 when you are trying to set it up.

Sample application for connecting to an access point up to 3 miles away:

  • High-gain outdoor antenna and close-mounted wifi adapter in a weatherproof housing.
  • That antenna mounted wifi adapter connects with a USB cable to the R36 mounted in a weatherproof housing lower down on the pole.
  • The R36 is a local access point that wirelessly repeats the desired signal to the house. In this way any wifi-enabled computer or tablet using any operating system can take advantage of the outdoor high-gain antenna. And, no software (driver or utility) need be installed on your computer or tablet.
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