Feb 292012
Please note that the following is old information – referring to old versions of the R36 firmware:
After about 80 minutes of testing on different configurations the results are: is Only compatible with the AWUS036H is Only compatible with the AWUS036NH & AWUS036NHR – NOT AWUs036h
with the on it, the AWUS036H will not even power up, so we wouldn’t recommend upgrading to it cause it is irreversible .
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  4 Responses to “Alfa R36 firmware compatibility with various Alfa USB adapters (old versions of R36 firmware)”

  1. Upgrading my alfa r36 with the,right now dont work because my laptop tell my dont have valid IP Address. I tried to used another two laptop but say the same.Please somebody heip me!

  2. That statement is not true I have 2 Alfa R36 Routers and before I got the AWUS036NHR I only had a old ALFA AWUS036H and you are correct in that the 1.30 firmware will only work with the AWUS036NHR but you can burn the firmware back if you want to use the old Alfa AWUS036H. I have gone both ways with no problems. Also the AWUS036NHR works great I pick up about 45 to 49 networks off a 18 db Flat Panel. This unit is very sensitive and outperforms the Alfa AWUS036NHA Atheros and by the way the AWUS036NHR is very quick on listing networks were the Atheros is very slow and performs more like that dog with the RALINK CHIP SET.

  3. and were released on the 30th. April 2012 at Alfa’s website. Anyone tested it yet?

  4. does not function with AWUS036h and works perfectly well with AWUS036NHR.
    upgrades or downgrades of firmware are possible with no limitations.
    If R36 and AWUS036H are used with new ALFA N2 AP/CPE, transmission speed is very low (1 to 12 mb/s signalspeed) even with 100% link quality.
    When R36 is used with Alpha AWUS036NHR linkspeed between Alpha N2 is 150 Mbs and signal speed on home network from R36 is 54 Mbs.
    Alfa doesn’t seem to test compatibility with it’s “legacy” (1 year old) equipment

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