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May 272013
The answer to the customer’s question below is that it makes absolutely no difference what brand the equipment is.  Any gear that is connecting by a WiFi standard such as 802.11g or 802.11b can connect not only to any access point that is  802.11g or 802.11b, but also to an access point running in 802.11n mode (more modern)  because  802.11n is backward compatible with  802.11g and 802.11b.
If you cannot connect, then the reason has to do with either security settings  (most likely) or possibly the access point is not operating as a DHCP server (this is less commonly the issue):  DHCP serves IP addresses to the client (USB WiFi adapter or internal wifi card) and if it is not running on the access point, then your client has no way of knowing what IP address scheme the network has and cannot automatically obtain an IP address, as is the more normal case.  By default, all APs are in the mode of DHCP server, so it takes a conscious configuration change by the administrator for the AP to NOT be offering IP addresses to clients.
The exception is Ubiquiti gear that is running AirMax, which is a proprietary Ubiquiti protocol.  However,  Ubiquiti gear can operate as standard WiFi if AirMax is turned off:  This is how you open a Ubiquiti Access Point for access by other-branded devices, and/or as a public or semi-public hotspot.
CUSTOMER’s QUESTION:  You misunderstood, I think. I was referring to before, when I e-mailed you about not being to connect to an open nearby router, a DLINK WBR-2301, IIRC, with the Alfa. When i tried to connect with my laptop (Intel mini-pci wireless), it connectef fine. But both Alfas (AWUS036H and AWUS036EW) would not connect. I tried over and over, thinking it was that dhcp bug, but that didn’t seem to  help.

Now, I want to send an Alfa adapter to a friend. He needs to connect to an open Belkin F9K1001 which is about 1000 feet away. Currently, he can connect using an Intel card built into his laptop, but I want him  to have a stronger connectiong/lower latency. What is the likelihood that the Alfa may not like that Belkin router, the same way it didn’t seem to want to get along with in my own scenario above. I know in theory Wifi is always compatible, but I’ve read sometimes channel width, 802.11 mode, and other things can stop an adapter from connecting to a network. That’s what I’m asking about.

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May 092013

Customer sent this message:

Whenever I click on the PayPal Express Checkout link, the only costs showing are the costs of the item. It does NOT include my shipping charges, even though they appear in the total on your website. When I try to complete the order anyway, I get an error saying something like “wrong postal code”.   In New York, USA and entering the correct 5-digit zip code.

 The shipping charges appear normally on your site but when I click the PayPal link they don’t seem to “carry over”, only the price of the item is displayed.

Later he fixed the problem by using regular checkout and selecting PayPal as the payment option:

I wound up ordering it by filling out all my contact info first, THEN clicking on the PayPal link – that seemed to work.


  • Enter a payment amount, log in, and you’re done!
  • PayPal Purchase Protection for eligible transactions.
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May 032013

MikroTik warrants all RouterBOARD series equipment for the term of fifteen (15) months from the shipping date
to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service, except in case of damage caused by mechanical, electrical or other accidental or intended damages caused by improper use or due to wind, rain, fire or other acts of nature.

To return failed units to MikroTik, you must perform the following RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) procedure. Follow the instructions below to save time, efforts, avoid costs, and improve the speed of the RMA process.

  1. If you have purchased your product from a MikroTik Reseller, please contact the Reseller Company regarding all warranty and repair issues, the following instructions apply ONLY if you purchased your equipment directly from MikroTik in Latvia.
  2. We do not offer repairs for products that are not covered by warranty. Exceptions can be made for RB1000, RB1100 and RB1200.
  3. Out-of-warranty devices and devices not covered by warranty sent to MikroTikls will be returned to the sender at sender’s cost.

RMA Instructions are located on our webpage here:

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Apr 152013

PicoStation’s  signal was dropping into the -70’s within 10-15 feet from the access point. After unscrewing the antenna and replacing it with another PicoStation antenna the access point worked beautifully.

The note above was sent to us by one of our customers, April 2013.

Keywords: Ubiquiti PICOM2HP PICO2, PICO2HP

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Apr 022013

Awus036H did not support MAC OS 10.8 and only supports 32 bit:  AWUS036H works on 32-bit Mac only.

If your Mac system is running on 32-bit CPU and you just upgraded the Mac OS to latest version then your AWUS036H is still compatible to it. However, if you just purchased a new Mac system with 64-bit CPU and built-in Mac OS 10.7 or later version then you need to boot your computer into 32-bit in order to run the application with device. And you can find the installation guide @

To identify whether your Mac system is running on 64-bit or not 036NHR work 10.8

Please use following hyperlink to download driver for AWUS036NHR for Mac system,

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Mar 312013

The R36 DSL mode wanted to deal with authentication and IP which is already done by the DSL modem. The R36’s Bridge mode is the solution.  How to setup the R36 in bridge mode:

  1. Power up the R36 with Ethernet and USB ports not connected to anything.
  2. Power up your laptop. Make sure the built in wifi is NOT connected to anything and your ethernet port is NOT connected to anything.
  3. Connect an Ethernet cable between the R36 LAN port and your computer’s Ethernet port.
  4. Open your browser and type in the RJ36 IP address (
  5. When the R36 setup page shows up:
  6. Click on Easy Setup.
  7. Click on Bridge
  8. Change the SSID name from ALFA-AP to the name of your choice.
  9. If desired, set up a password.
  10. Click Done and wait for the changes to take effect.
  11. Remove the Ethernet cable from the R36 and your computer.
  12. Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the DSL modem Ethernet ports to the R36 WAN port.  The R36 LAN and USB ports will now have nothing connected to them.
  13. The R36 is now ready to use in Bridge mode.
  14. Using your computer’s wifi, connect to the R36 signal.
  15. Verify you are connected to the Internet.

NOTE in this mode you will no longer be able to access the R36 status page via your browser.  You cannot even access the page through Ethernet to the R36 LAN port!!!

The only way you can now access the R36 is by activating the reset button on the bottom of the R36 and then starting the setup all over again!

NOTES:  DSL modems (from your DSL provider) take care of user and password authentication and IP address assignment by DHCP from your DSL/internet provider.  DSL modems often have an included Ethernet bridge of four RJ-45 outputs (for example, the ZOOM modem from AT&T).

In bridge mode, the R36 is like an AP on the same subnet as the DSL modem’s LAN ports.

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Mar 312013

When you reboot it (unplug it and then reapply power), it takes the R36 about a minute to boot up before it is ready to use.

Be patient and don’t try to work on it during this one minute period.

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Mar 202013
  • Very small packages we ship by mail to Canada.
  • Any order over $75 in value, we must to ship by UPS:  Our UPS fees to Canada for the actual shipping, are very low:  HOWEVER:
    •  All UPS shipments into Canada involve a UPS customs & tax fee of approximately $42 to $47 (for orders less than $200) that will be the customer’s responsibility.
    • Larger shipments into Canada may have a fee of much more than $47 because the fee includes GST.
    • Shipments to Canada are required to be paid by PayPal unless/until we have a history of doing business with you

Notes from our customers in Canada:

  • For a purchase of $143.79 which included UPS ground mail of $26.78 I had to pay a further $53. 25 to UPS on account of customs and brokerage. He said (UPS) that if it had gone ordinary US postal and had been under $100 it may have gone through without all these additional charges.  The total cost was a surprise and I though you might like to know (May 2013)
  • Charges by UPS are very inconsistent.  Generally when the goods are worth < CAN$50 UPS charges nothing beyond the basic transportation costs, and above CAN$100 Canadian customs nearly always charges taxes (GST/PST) – and UPS charges anywhere from $30 to $70 import duties depending on the cost of the goods.  Between $50 and $100 it’s a crap shoot!  But I got a delivery in this week from my company worth US$670 via UPS; UPS didn’t charge import fees, and Canadian customs didn’t add any taxes – in fact, I think it was automatically released by customs before it ever arrived in Canada.  Maybe that’s because the items were being imported by my company and it was obvious that they were for resale. (Oct 2014)
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