Mar 202013
  • Very small packages we ship by mail to Canada.
  • Any order over $75 in value, we must to ship by UPS:  Our UPS fees to Canada for the actual shipping, are very low:  HOWEVER:
    •  All UPS shipments into Canada involve a UPS customs & tax fee of approximately $42 to $47 (for orders less than $200) that will be the customer’s responsibility.
    • Larger shipments into Canada may have a fee of much more than $47 because the fee includes GST.
    • Shipments to Canada are required to be paid by PayPal unless/until we have a history of doing business with you

Notes from our customers in Canada:

  • For a purchase of $143.79 which included UPS ground mail of $26.78 I had to pay a further $53. 25 to UPS on account of customs and brokerage. He said (UPS) that if it had gone ordinary US postal and had been under $100 it may have gone through without all these additional charges.  The total cost was a surprise and I though you might like to know (May 2013)
  • Charges by UPS are very inconsistent.  Generally when the goods are worth < CAN$50 UPS charges nothing beyond the basic transportation costs, and above CAN$100 Canadian customs nearly always charges taxes (GST/PST) – and UPS charges anywhere from $30 to $70 import duties depending on the cost of the goods.  Between $50 and $100 it’s a crap shoot!  But I got a delivery in this week from my company worth US$670 via UPS; UPS didn’t charge import fees, and Canadian customs didn’t add any taxes – in fact, I think it was automatically released by customs before it ever arrived in Canada.  Maybe that’s because the items were being imported by my company and it was obvious that they were for resale. (Oct 2014)
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