May 092013

Customer sent this message:

Whenever I click on the PayPal Express Checkout link, the only costs showing are the costs of the item. It does NOT include my shipping charges, even though they appear in the total on your website. When I try to complete the order anyway, I get an error saying something like “wrong postal code”.   In New York, USA and entering the correct 5-digit zip code.

 The shipping charges appear normally on your site but when I click the PayPal link they don’t seem to “carry over”, only the price of the item is displayed.

Later he fixed the problem by using regular checkout and selecting PayPal as the payment option:

I wound up ordering it by filling out all my contact info first, THEN clicking on the PayPal link – that seemed to work.


  • Enter a payment amount, log in, and you’re done!
  • PayPal Purchase Protection for eligible transactions.
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