Jan 252013

We ship to all US military & APO addresses at our standard shipping fee for the United States. Enter the APO address like this:

STREET: Put your base-name and/or any information that identifies your location (not APO, AE – see below for that.) CITY = APO STATE = AE COUNTRY = United States

  • It is not necessary to mention Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

Most important is the name of your base and any other details about the base that identify your location within the base. The US shipping fees apply to all states, territories, PO box & APO / military. Express mail is not available to APO/FPO addresses (military, foreign service): Choose Priority Mail instead. If PayPal or credit card will not allow you to use the APO address, then use your home address (state-side) and then contact us for address change

Address-related help sections:

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