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  • Registering as a customer on our site is optional:
  • Anonymous checkout” is another option.

Anonymous Checkout:

You can purchase on this site without registering as a customer (“anonymous checkout”) and you will receive status/tracking updates by email (whether you register or not).

Why Register as a Customer? All of these benefits for you:

  1. You can login to check order status, see open invoices create a wish list, and see credits that have been applied for returned items etc.
  2. Checkout (future orders) in “express” mode: After the initial checkout page, there is only one more page: Order Confirmation page: Very fast and simple!
  3. Easily change account information such as billing/shipping address, method of payment, etc.
  4. Smooth order process: If your shipping address is different from your billing address and you are paying by credit card: This raises a red flag in the order process that might delay shipping. But if you are a registered customer, we can more quickly access that the transaction is not fraudulent, by looking at your history of orders.
  5. Data Alliance Customer Service can create an order for you based on your instructions: We can do this in two ways:
    • We can create a complete order based on your instructions on the telephone or by email. We only do this with your stated approval.
    • We can create a “pro-forma” order based on your instructions: You would then you find this order in your account, where you can then enter your method of payment and confirm the order.

Register As a Customer:

To register as a customer CLICK HERE, or:

  • During the checkout process, you are given the option to create an account with Data Alliance:
  • On the Checkout Page, choose this option: “I want to place my order and create an account with Data Alliance”

Password Recovery:

  • If you forgot or lost your password: Click here for password recovery.
  • If there is a problem with password recovery, please contact us.
  • Your password is encrypted in our secure database and so we cannot see your password.

Change of Address:

  • Change of Address Log-in to change shipping and/or billing address in your Customer Account for future orders.
  • To change address of orders already placed, please contact us immediately.

Privacy and Security of your information:

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