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Mar 162013
  1.  Occasionally the R36 will “hang up” and not function.  Remedy: Remove power from the R36 for 15 seconds and then reapply  power.  The R36 will then resume normal operation.
  2. IP address conflicts may occur when too many devices start their DHCP assignments at the same place.  You can control this in the R36 by accessing the R36 at, then clicking on “Advanced”, then clicking on “LAN”.  DHCP settings are provided in the second section on that page, and begin at and end at by default.  Change the start point from to – it seems to help.
  3.  Any 802.11 transmitter may have a stated bandwidth of 20 MHz but this is only the 3 dB or half-power bandwidth. The actual spectrum extends much further than that.  Because of this, WiFI adapters and routers, including the R36, should be physically separated and/or shielded from each other for best results:  If possible, put one device on channel 1 and the other on channel 11 as a starting point.  Then use physical separation and antenna patterns to minimize interference between devices. The interference will show up as a reduced connection speed from what could be done before the R36 was added to the system. Operating the LAN (R36 to user computer) at 11 mbps
  4. (802.11b) seems to help also

WPS is a type of WiFi security called WiFi Protected Setup


The R36 comes with a 12-volt AC/DC adapter with a standard DC barrel connector.

The R36 requires 12 volts DC at up to 1 ampere. The center pin on the R36 power connector is positive, the sleeve is negative. The wire with the white stripe from the R36  power supply is positive. The R36 supplies 5 volts DC to the wifi adapter via the USB cable.

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Mar 072013

First-generation Ubiquiti products such as NanoStation2 & NS5, Loco2 & Loco5 , Bullet2, Bullet2HP are a great alternative to AirMAX CPE at a significantly lower price.

By upgrading your legacy Ubiquiti products to V.4 firmware, you will have compatibility and benefits of AirMAX protocol.  Be sure to have your APs using AirMAX firmware V.5.5 or a newer version.

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Mar 032013
The AWUS036H connected to the R36 auto-adjusts output power by connection quality.
The R36 shows a number from 1 to 100 in the setup screens:  This number does not refer to the AWUS036H power output – rather it is for the R36’s radio.  This means that there is no way for the user to control power output from the AWUS036H — it is adjusted up and down by the firmware to suit conditions.
Therefore, a power amplifier could not safely be added to increase range.  (However, an input amplifier could be added to increase receive sensitivity.)
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Jan 282013

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 3:40 PM, Skip Ryan wrote:

I have an Alfa AWUS036H adapter connected to a 15dBi 2.4Ghz Omni-Directional antenna mounted on an antenna pole on my boat.   The adapter is connected to an approximate 15′ cable, which in turn is connected to 10 meter USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable.  Recently, I bought a new computer.
Now, my reception is very intermittent and brief.  Not usable.  I replaced the extension cable, but there was no improvement.
However, when I replaced the 10 meter extension cable with a 12′ USB cable, everyting works fine.  Unfortunately, I need a longer cable run.  Is there a viable solution?
ANSWER:  The max length for non-active USB cables is about 15 ft.  You have to use active cable(s) for all the distance to go more than 15FT.

We suggest this 10-meter cable:
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Jan 262013

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Jan 262013

Small orders are shipped by Express Mail:  This includes most orders that include multiple items, and any order that includes a WiFi adapter.  Large orders we ship by UPS for very reasonable rates.

We ship to all of these countries:

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Jan 262013
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